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Water Work

The Newfoundland has a rich history with the sea and there are many stories of selfless heroism which hopefully none of us will ever need to witness.

The Leonberger shares the Newfoundlandís love of water and increasingly are working alongside them around the world in lifesaving teams to help people in trouble and save lives.

At our sessions we progress the dogs on slowly from simple retrieves of floating objects and swimming out to their owner to rescuing silent helpless "strangers". We love to work with all aged dogs but will help puppies from around 3 months learn to enjoy the water and progress at their level and pace.

We also work with boats, beginning with a simple tow of a dinghy and advancing on to the dog leaping out of the boat to rescue someone fallen overboard and bringing them back to the boat.

Teaching your dog to swim alongside you is a wonderful experience, knowing that they go where you go and (hopefully) keeping to your pace.

We can and do train dogs to the Newfoundland Water Test Regulations and support people to enter the Test, but whatever level the dog is working toward, the main idea is that the dog and handler are having fun and working within their comfort and enjoyment level. On a warm summer's day a swim in the lake is great for both!

All owners are encouraged to work with their own dogs but we are there to help, advise and guide. If you don't or can't swim for any reason we will help you work your dog on the bits where swimming is needed.

We welcome people to stay and socialise when their dog is not in the water and enjoy a cup of tea (and cake!) which we all share at the end of the session.